We are pleased to announce the opening of our 2nd grand tournament today, May 24, 2021. This new battle royale will pit 16 projects against each other in a massive 16-round tournament spanning multiple weeks.

Wars Calendar 📅

New projects that have never been involved in wars are on the schedule.

It’s with great excitement that we announce the first major event on our DeFi of Thrones platform, “DeFight to the Death”. This battle royale will pit 16 projects against each other in a massive 16-round tournament spanning multiple weeks. Before this epic battle kicks off, let’s all familiarize ourselves with the battle plan and then take a peek at the treasures that await those skilled enough to make it to the end.

We kindly thank Mr Gem for suggesting the name we’ve chosen for this event.

Wars Calendar 📅

As previously mentioned, 16 projects have been chosen to participate in this competition.

Two weeks ago the Beta Platform trial was a huge success. Now, it’s time for the platform and DoTx to really start it’s journey on the Polygon Network 🚀.

Since the new refactored Platform is on the Polygon Network it will run with almost zero fees, allowing anyone to enter the game, even with a low wager. Gas fees aren’t a problem anymore!

Want to try out the New Platform?

Simply follow this step-by-step guide to connect your wallet and send your DoTx to Polygon (or buy some on Quickswap).
Once you are connected to the Polygon network, and have DoTx in your wallet- you are ready to…

The DoTx team is extremely excited to welcome you to the platform as we initiate our blast off to mainnet. With no serious technical issues and with the help of our incredible community, we’re proud to say that our beta phase has run extremely smoothly. After we apply some final touches, we will be heading to the Polygon Mainnet on the 23rd March, 2021 at 8pm UTC.

Before then, let’s properly prepare ourselves by quickly going over the details of the beta, as well as how to join the Polygon Mainnet and how to trade DoTx.

Beta review

If you participated…

The DeFi of Thrones beta test is in full swing! This event gives our community the opportunity to test features and get comfortable with our DApp in a free and safe way.

As you may know, we initially deployed DoTx on the Ethereum network, but in the meantime moved the beta to Polygon in order to take advantage of its higher speeds and lower transaction fees. We aim to take advantage of both networks going forward, so it was essential that we deployed a simple UI bridge between them 🌉

You might have noticed a section on the platform called…

The long-awaited moment is finally approaching: this Wednesday, the 3rd of March at 8 p.m. UTC, the DeFi of Thrones beta will be available on Polygon network (formerly known as Matic). In this article we’ll explain how to connect to the network, how to get DoTx & LP test tokens and what the war schedule will be.

You can also find more information about each feature through these articles:

  • The EarlyPool, the Long Night & the early staking -> here
  • The ManaPool & NFTs -> here
  • The basic mechanics, like how to connect your wallet, how to buy a ticket…

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of our NFTs on OpenSea (Ethereum Mainnet) this Friday, February 26th, 2021.
This will be followed by a ~$14,000 NFTs airdrop worth on Thursday, March 4th💸

Spotlight on NFTs

The DeFi of Thrones NFTs will take the form of collectible cards🎴.
Each card will represent a DeFi / Crypto project and will be forged in limited quantity depending on its rarity 💎.

Prices of NFTs directly created from the forge will also depend of the rarity.
This rarity will be set thanks to the marketcap at the forging time.

Here are the details…

The DoTx team is extremely excited to announce we finally have an official date for the beta launch on Polygon (formerly known as Matic). Through this article we will also explore a new feature of our ecosystem: the Mana Pool 💙

Information about the beta

Let’s start this off by releasing some info we’ve all been dying for — the official date of the beta launch on Polygon 🤩

For those who don’t know yet, the Defi of Thrones platform will migrate to the Polygon network. Due to the extremely low transactions fees on Polygon, even the smallest punters among us get to join…

The Early Pool is a new feature that you can now find in our v2 platform on Polygon. This pool has been designed to reward participants who assume extra risk by betting at the beginning of a war 💰

With the previous model there was no difference between buying a ticket at the beginning of the war and buying a ticket near the end of the purchase period. We have therefore developed this mechanism to reward the purchasing of early tickets.

The Concept

To prepare our beta on Matic in early March, the DoTx team decides to set up a rewards program for community members who will help us to spread the word 📢

We have defined 5 different social channels and 5 rewards* per action in our program.

  • Reddit : 50 DoTx / Post
  • Twitter : 20 DoTx / Tweet
  • 4chan /biz : 20 DoTx / Post
  • Blog / Medium : 150 DoTx / Quality Article

Now let’s see how the program works.

*These rewards can change if the price of DoTx appreciates over time.

How can I receive my rewards?

We have chosen the CCTip bot for…

DeFi Of Thrones


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