DeFi Of Thrones — Battle for the Middle Coin

We are pleased to announce the opening of our 2nd grand tournament today, May 24, 2021. This new battle royale will pit 16 projects against each other in a massive 16-round tournament spanning multiple weeks.

Wars Calendar 📅

The competition kicks off on May 24th with the MATIC vs HOT war. Every two days after this, a new war will begin. Each war is intended to last four days (two days to buy tickets or betray your house and one day to be eligible for the early pool).

After finishing the first round of 16 (first stage), the quarter-finals will commence, followed by the semi-finals and then ultimately the final.

You can see the calendar of the event here.

The Rewards💰

During the round of 16

During this first period, if you bet at least 50 DoTx in a war, you will automatically receive an airdrop of 50 DoTx. You will also receive airdrops for every one of the first eight wars that you enter. For example, if you bet at least 50 DoTx in each of the first eight wars, you will receive 400 DoTx in airdrops.

Two airdrops are planned to take place on:

  • Tuesday, June 1st
  • Wednesday, June 9th

During the quarter finals & semi-finals

The top 3 of the war’ leaderboard will receive a NFT of the winning project at the end of each war.

During the grand final

The 3 winners (top 3 of the leaderboard) of the grand finale will receive a collector NFT related to the tournament.

The participation in the previous tournament was very encouraging so we hope to see many of you join us for this 2nd major event. Stay tuned for some interesting new features on the platform during the month of June 👀

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Kind regards,
DoTx Team