DeFi Of Thrones — Beta information & Mana Pool introduction

Information about the beta

  • Everybody will be allowed to join. We’ll set up a faucet for distributing test DoTx via a smart contract (it won’t cost you anything and will allow you to test the new features and the platform on Polygon)
  • Only the platform will migrate to Polygon. The DoTx token and the Uniswap pool will remain on Ethereum. This means, investors can continue to hold/trade on Ethereum without any worries
  • Those who want to use the platform after the Mainnet release will have to transfer their DoTx/NFTs via a bridge available on our platform. It will also be possible to transfer NFTs & DoTx from Polygon to Ethereum. Don’t worry, it’s easy!
  • The process for joining the beta on Polygon will be explained in an article soon.

The Mana pool

A calculator is available below the amount to evaluate your mining reward

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