DeFi Of Thrones — Beta information & Mana Pool introduction

The DoTx team is extremely excited to announce we finally have an official date for the beta launch on Polygon (formerly known as Matic). Through this article we will also explore a new feature of our ecosystem: the Mana Pool 💙

Information about the beta

Let’s start this off by releasing some info we’ve all been dying for — the official date of the beta launch on Polygon 🤩

For those who don’t know yet, the Defi of Thrones platform will migrate to the Polygon network. Due to the extremely low transactions fees on Polygon, even the smallest punters among us get to join in on the fun. This is why we’ve integrated all of our features into the Polygon ecosystem, including the Early Pool, Mana Pool, our NFTs and the bridges for DoTx and NFTs as well as more on the way.

As this is a huge change for the DoTx ecosystem, it is necessary to perform a beta test before releasing on the Mainnet. This beta will take place on Wednesday the 3rd. of March for a duration of seven days (save the date✌️).

Here are the key 🔑 points to note for the beta & the Polygon migration:

  • Everybody will be allowed to join. We’ll set up a faucet for distributing test DoTx via a smart contract (it won’t cost you anything and will allow you to test the new features and the platform on Polygon)
  • Only the platform will migrate to Polygon. The DoTx token and the Uniswap pool will remain on Ethereum. This means, investors can continue to hold/trade on Ethereum without any worries
  • Those who want to use the platform after the Mainnet release will have to transfer their DoTx/NFTs via a bridge available on our platform. It will also be possible to transfer NFTs & DoTx from Polygon to Ethereum. Don’t worry, it’s easy!
  • The process for joining the beta on Polygon will be explained in an article soon.

The Mana pool

The Mana Pool is our second new super feature, the first being the Early Pool. The idea for the Mana Pool is quite simple: you will be able to earn MANA points, which are then tradeable for NFTs (each NFT will cost a specific number of points). It will be possible to earn MANA in 2 ways, so let’s take a look at each of them.

Earn Mana with tickets

For each ticket bought during a war, you will get one MANA point.

Let’s take an example: in this war 1 ticket = 100 DoTx, and we have purchased 100 tickets:

Our wallet will therefore be credited directly with 100 MANA points in the pool.

To ensure that MANA remains accessible to everyone, the number of DoTx per ticket will be adapted as the price of DoTx evolves.

Earn Mana with LP tokens 🦄

The second method for earning MANA is through staking Liquidity Provider tokens (UNI-V2). These are given to all users who provide liquidity in a Uniswap pool (in this case, in the ETH/DoTx pool). Once these LP tokens are in your possession on Ethereum, you will have to pass them through the bridge to send them to Polygon (the full process will be detailed further in a coming article).

Once your LP tokens are on Polygon, you will be able to stake them (they are not locked and can be unstaked at any time). As soon as you have staked your LP tokens you will start earning MANA tokens for every second they’re there.

A calculator is available below the amount to evaluate your mining reward

➡️ As the current prices of Ethereum fees are extremely high, we plan to create a new pool on Polygon to facilitate this process (and make DoTx trading cheaper). This still needs to be finalized, but we are working towards this.

How to spend your MANA?

And of course we haven’t got you collecting MANA for no reason 🤑 Once you have accumulated enough points, you will be able to redeem them for NFTs. We will gradually add NFTs of differing rarity to the pool.

The NFTs you’ve purchased will then be transferable to Ethereum and tradeable on OpenSea. Note: soon, it will be possible to sell on OpenSea while remaining on Polygon 🙌

We hope you’re as excited for these new features as we are! Stay tuned, we are going to be announcing the first NFTs arrivals on OpenSea some time next week⚔️

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Kind regards,
DoTx Team





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