The long-awaited moment is finally approaching: this Wednesday, the 3rd of March at 8 p.m. UTC, the DeFi of Thrones beta will be available on Polygon network (formerly known as Matic). In this article we’ll explain how to connect to the network, how to get DoTx & LP test tokens and what the war schedule will be.

You can also find more information about each feature through these articles:

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  • The ManaPool & NFTs -> here
  • The basic mechanics, like how to connect your wallet, how to buy a ticket and how to switch houses -> here

A full documentation library is in the works and will be available via GitBook soon.

How to connect to Polygon?

Let’s start with one of the most important points to join the beta: the connection to the Mumbai Testnet on Polygon. To do so, you will need to add a custom network on Metamask (or on your favorite wallet).

On Metamask, click on the Networks list and click on “Custom RPC”.

Add a custom RPC

Enter the following information:

Add Mumbai Testnet

Finally, select the Mumbai network in the list. You are now connected to the Testnet on Polygon 👏

How to get test tokens?

As you might know, on Polygon fees are paid in MATIC and not in Ether. To get some MATIC, go to this faucet. Select the ‘MATIC Token’, the ‘Mumbai’ network and enter your wallet address.

Next, click on submit and confirm the transaction.

Once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive 0.5 MATIC (you can repeat the process if necessary). You are now ready to send transactions over the network.

To be able to use the DeFi of Thrones platform, you will also need DoTx and liquidity provider test tokens. To get some, go to the “Claim Test Tokens” section on the DoTx platform (the page will be available at the opening of the beta) and click on the “Claim tokens” button.

Once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive the following tokens in your wallet:

  • 50,000 DoTx test tokens
  • 500 UNI-V2 test tokens (from Uniswap on Ethereum)
  • 500 UNI-V2 test tokens (from Quickswap on Polygon)

To see them on Metamask, add the following addresses as custom tokens (Add Token -> Custom Token with 18 Decimals of Precision):

  • DoTx test token: 0x2cE18eAe2a17faECb3fa3E4965b3AB4Bef0fA205
  • Ethereum UNI-V2 test token: 0x90Ea932E27a46f12D85FE84e091DE009f36AF7eC
  • Polygon UNI-V2 test token: 0x382579DD4de4f234ec1CE850aBd45297243485e4

You are now ready to join the beta! This one will run until next Wednesday, the 10th of March.

Beta schedule

The beta will be composed of four Wars and a Long Night of five days. The calendar of the wars will be as follows:

The Long Night will be running for the first five days, so if you’d like to participate in this pool you’ll have five days to be early in at least one war. You’ll then have two days to stake the required DoTx in the EarlyPool to unlock your reward (see EarlyPool article for more information).

The early staking time will be displayed in months but configured in hours in the contract, so if you choose one month you won’t have to wait one month but one hour.

Beta NFTs Airdrop 💸

A NFTs airdrop is also planned at the end of the beta. The top 3 of the global leaderboard (past 10 wars) will receive 1 Rare and 2 Uncommon NFTs.

Attention: It is forbidden to claim DoTx from the faucet with another wallet and to transfer them to your main wallet. If you start with more than 50,000 you will be disqualified from the airdrop. We will check the transactions to ensure that the rule is respected. It is also necessary to participate in at least 3 wars to be eligible!

Thanks to this beta you will have the opportunity to test for free:

  • Multiple wars ⚔️
  • Getting Mana when you purchase tickets 🎟️
  • Mana farming with LP token staking 💙
  • The EarlyPool 🛡️
  • DoTx staking via the EarlyPool (at the end of the Long Night)
  • Trading Mana for NFTs 🎴
  • The DoTx bridge between Ethereum and Polygon 🌉
  • The NFT bridge between Ethereum and Polygon (an article will be published in the coming days about this bridge)

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions on Telegram if some features are not clear, and we are also receptive to any ideas for improvements you may have.

We hope to see all of you in the wars 🗡️

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