• The EarlyPool, the Long Night & the early staking -> here
  • The ManaPool & NFTs -> here
  • The basic mechanics, like how to connect your wallet, how to buy a ticket and how to switch houses -> here

How to connect to Polygon?

Add a custom RPC
Add Mumbai Testnet

How to get test tokens?

  • 50,000 DoTx test tokens
  • 500 UNI-V2 test tokens (from Uniswap on Ethereum)
  • 500 UNI-V2 test tokens (from Quickswap on Polygon)
  • DoTx test token: 0x2cE18eAe2a17faECb3fa3E4965b3AB4Bef0fA205
  • Ethereum UNI-V2 test token: 0x90Ea932E27a46f12D85FE84e091DE009f36AF7eC
  • Polygon UNI-V2 test token: 0x382579DD4de4f234ec1CE850aBd45297243485e4

Beta schedule

Beta NFTs Airdrop 💸

  • Multiple wars ⚔️
  • Getting Mana when you purchase tickets 🎟️
  • Mana farming with LP token staking 💙
  • The EarlyPool 🛡️
  • DoTx staking via the EarlyPool (at the end of the Long Night)
  • Trading Mana for NFTs 🎴
  • The DoTx bridge between Ethereum and Polygon 🌉
  • The NFT bridge between Ethereum and Polygon (an article will be published in the coming days about this bridge)

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