DeFi Of Thrones — Beta report & v0.1 update log

Beta report 📑

The first thing we can say is that the beta is currently a success.
Not only about the product itself, but about the commitment and enthusiasm from the testers (whom we thank 1000 times). This is also important because it allows us to estimate the impact on a larger scale and to measure the interest of our community. Now let’s get to the heart of the topic.

While we are writing this article, 2 wars ended and 2 are progressing.
Sushi won the first war and AAVE the second. If we take a closer look at the first war: more than 385,000 tests DoTx have been bet.
The 8 testers who belonged to the SUSHI house shared the 199,000 DoTx of the losing house according to their share in their house and were able to recover their stake. This means a 96,28% profit on their bet.

You can view the Game contract transactions here.

As you can see, the losing house also lost 10% of its tokens which have been burnt and sent to the Throne Vault. See here the transaction.

Burn & send DoTx to Throne Vault

We can also point out that the ChainLink calls (to get opening and closing prices) work as expected as you can see in this transaction.

Opening prices fetch of the first test war

The ranking of this first war is as follow (The winners are ranked by rewards and the losers by tickets purchased).

So far, 7 minor bugs (relating to the UI) have been raised by the testers.
Only 1 medium bug was also raised but not related to DoTx directly, it was linked to Wallet Connect. Indeed, after a while, the connection to Wallet Connect on mobile seems no longer working.
This is a known issue with them and can be seen on Uniswap as well:
a related post exists on their git and we also commented on it.

The work-around we have currently found is to add a disconnect button to allow users who encounter the problem to reset the connection (will be explained later in this article).

The lack of critical bugs, the craze in the in-game chat and in the Telegram beta test channel lead us to believe that a bright and exciting future awaits us! As you can see, the team tries to do things as professional as possible. Our professional experience in IT and our passion allow us to do things right and that’s what we will continue to do to reach that bright and exciting future!

Focus on v0.1 update 🔧

Thanks to the bugs and the many improvements reported by the testers, we were able to develop a second beta release. Let’s see what it contains.

1️⃣ Wars list in game screen

Many of you have asked us to add an easy way to switch from one war to another in the game (outside of game settings). Here is the way we found to avoid breaking the UI (wars list is foldable):

2️⃣ Add loading for switch house & buy ticket

Once a ticket is purchased or you requested to switch house, a transaction is sent. During this time, you will see now a loading view.
This will give you a visual feedback on completeness of the action requested. Indeed, notifications (blockchain events) are often faster than the actions themselves.

3️⃣ Add “your tickets” text in “buy tickets” popup

We added the number of tickets owned in the buy tickets popup.
You have now a quick overview of your wallet and your tickets at this location.

4️⃣ Profile image crop

We added the possibility to crop your profile image before upload. Indeed, those who uploaded a non-square image resulted in a distorted one. It won’t happen again.

5️⃣ Multiple houses in chat

Previously, we could only have access to the house to which we belonged (in the current war). You can now have access to all houses you belong to (only the one that are on war).

6️⃣ Close chat on click

We have added an overlay to the left of the chat when you open it on desktop. If you click on it, the chat automatically closes. You no longer have to go through the close button on the top right corner.

7️⃣ Disconnect button

We added a button to disconnect in case the user is connected with WalletConnect or WalletLink. This button can be used to disconnect in case of problems with WalletConnect (and therefore reestablish the connection).

8️⃣ Sticky header

For those who prefer to have the header sticky, we added the option in the game settings.

9️⃣ Start of the war arrow bug

With a time range of 24 hours, when the start date of the war was no longer in the chart, the “start of the war” arrow remained displayed. This bug is now fixed.

🔟 Potential reward in the leader board doesn’t match the reality

Indeed, this one is computed locally (outside the contract for the leader board) and there was an error of accuracy in the calculation that, with a large amount of DoTx, make a small difference. We are now using exactly the same precision as in the contract.

1️⃣1️⃣ Potential reward null in profile

If you accessed a profile without previously pledging allegiance to a house yourself, you saw a potential reward equals to 0 in user profiles. This bug is fixed in v0.1.

1️⃣2️⃣ Countdown problem on mobile

When we left the browser and we came back to the page after a while on mobile, the countdown was no longer in line with reality (you had to manually refresh). This has been fixed.

1️⃣3️⃣ Bad sorting in leader board

There was a problem with the ranking in the leader board when the war is over. This has been fixed.

1️⃣4️⃣ Reward block text improvement

Will be displayed now as : Potential reward when the war is in progress and as Reward when the war is over.

1️⃣5️⃣ Improvement of leader board refresh

Sometimes the leader board was not up to date and you had to wait ten seconds before it was. We have improved this process.

1️⃣6️⃣ Spaces break the chat

Entering lot of spaces side by side broke the chat. We now replace more than 2 spaces by 1 automatically.

1️⃣7️⃣ Connect wallet button on mobile

We added a connect wallet button in the header on mobile (in addition to the existing one in the left menu).

1️⃣8️⃣ Prices API calls improvement

The fetch of DoTx price and projects prices have been improved to be even more up to date with CoinGecko. It was already working well, but it was further improved technically.

1️⃣9️⃣ Security improvements

We made some technical improvements. Mainly security improvements in the contract and on the platform.

Here is the list of improvements / bug fixes. Some things may seem trivial, but every detail counts when building a high quality User Experience, this is done iteration by iteration.

Obviously other versions will follow over time, the next one will be before the mainnet release. Testers who wish will be able to continue testing after November 24th until the end of November.
Then the platform will go into countdown mode until the official release.

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Kind regards,
DoTx Team



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