In this article, we are going to see together, in detail, the bug bounty program linked to the Beta Platform that is opening tomorrow ! (9th November 2020)

Before all, we have to ensure everyone is aware and at the same stage of information. Here are the 2 steps to participate in the beta platform:

  • Holding 10,000 DoTx to get whitelisted.
  • Direct message us on Telegram to get your access (after the 8th of November).

Now that our developers spent weeks to build the platform, it’s time to break everything ! 💥

You break, you win. But how much ?

All rewards are set in DoTx.

Depending of the severity of the bug found, you will be rewarded with a small or big amount.

The different severity levels are the following:

  • Minor bugs = design/graphical issue, cropping texts, hidden buttons…
  • Medium bugs = Altering other users’ experience by modifying the leaderboard etc
  • Critical bugs = Hacking contract, Preventing from buying tickets, Collecting others players’ tickets, Winning a war when you had to lose, putting the website down…

How are defined the bug categories; small, medium and critical ?

Minor bugs 🐛

This bug category is defined by the fact they do not prevent a user to use the Dapp correctly.

In this category, we can consider 2 types of bugs;

1) the graphical glitches = anormal events such as truncated texts or cropped images.

Example : When the menu is closed, the Connect wallet text is cropped.
It should be hidden or replaced with an image when the menu is closed.

2) Dapp anormal behaviours = for example, a transaction’s time delayed by 50 minutes in the transactions list. Your transaction has been confirmed on, but the display of transaction data on the site is not up to date.

Note: the site is a dApp and refreshes itself, it takes sometimes several seconds after the transaction validation (notification) for the data to update!

Medium bugs 🐞

This concerns a bug which not linked to the data of the gaming contract but which prevents the correct use of the application.

Example : when you edit your message in the chat, editing does not work. This does not concern the game data (tickets, houses, reward) but prevents correct use of the app.

Critical & contract bugs

This concerns bugs that can bypass the rules or which are directly linked to smart contract data (tickets, rewards, houses).

For instance : If you manage to buy 11 tickets at the price of 10.
If you manage to get your reward while you are part of the losing house.

Note: the leaderboard and transactions notifications are not part of this type of bug. Indeed, these are listened on our server and managed on it (not directly in the contract to avoid transaction fees too high).
It will have to be adapted when ETH 2.0 will be out.

Hack the smart contract
If you manage to embezzle money in one way or another or to make the smart contract stop. You can find the smart contract code here and DoTx lib here (ChainLink integration).

How to report a bug ?

  • To create a new discussion, just hit the button on the right side.

You can use the template pinned in the announcement post.
<!> A bug found cannot be reported twice.<!>

We hope you are as excited as us for this journey.

Don’t forget that’s also the opportunity to get an overview on how this project/product is and how we can turn this in a real entertaining and marketing oriented platform.

You want to know the wars schedule ? Check out our previous medium article.

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Kind regards,
DoTx Team