DeFi Of Thrones — DeFight to the Death Event

It’s with great excitement that we announce the first major event on our DeFi of Thrones platform, “DeFight to the Death”. This battle royale will pit 16 projects against each other in a massive 16-round tournament spanning multiple weeks. Before this epic battle kicks off, let’s all familiarize ourselves with the battle plan and then take a peek at the treasures that await those skilled enough to make it to the end.

We kindly thank Mr Gem for suggesting the name we’ve chosen for this event.

Wars Calendar 📅

Projects taking part in the competition

The competition kicks off on April 12th with the BNB vs DOT war. Every two days after this, a new war will begin. Each war is intended to last four days (two days to buy tickets or betray your house and one day to be eligible for the early pool).

After finishing the first round of 16 (first stage), the quarter-finals will commence, followed by the semi-finals and then ultimately the final.

The Rewards💰

During the round of 16

During this first period, if you bet at least 50 DoTx in a war, you will automatically receive an airdrop of 50 DoTx. You will also receive airdrops for every one of the first eight wars that you enter. For example, if you bet at least 50 DoTx in each of the first eight wars, you will receive 400 DoTx in airdrops.

Two airdrops are planned to take place on:

  • Tuesday, April 20th
  • Thursday, April 29th

During the quarter finals

During each war of this period, the top three winners will share $300 in DoTx:

  • The first: $150
  • The second: $100
  • The third: $50

For instance, if you are first in each of the four wars you will win $600 in total.

During the semi-finals

During each war of this period, the top three will share $500 in DoTx:

  • The first: $250
  • The second: $150
  • The third: $100

During the grand final

During the last war, the top three will share the following:

  • The first: $550
  • The second: $300
  • The third: $150

During the course of the tournament

The overall top three winners from the tournament will each receive a Collectors NFT (a new section will be available in the leaderboard page to follow the progress).

To be in the running for one of these NFTs you MUST participate in at least eight wars throughout the tournament, and one of these MUST be the grand final.

The ranking will be made on the vested tickets, and it is not necessarily the ones who spend the most that will be the winners, as seen in this example:

Please note that if there are people in the same position in the top three, the rewards will be shared between them.

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