The entire team is delighted to announce the opening of DoTx platform in the same time of our first airdrop in partnership with FORS posted few days ago !

Currently it is possible to connect your wallet and only one page is available (the airdrop page). Other new pages should see the light of day soon (in particular the whitelist registration page and the war page during the beta testing period).

Let’s see now through this article: a quick reminder about the airdrop:
how to connect your wallet and how to claim your AirDrop DoTx on October 20th 2020 ?

DoTx/FORS Airdrop a quick reminder ✅

As you probably know, we partnered with an insurance project aiming to prevent people and projects from scam/fund losses. For this event we decided to organize an airdrop of $6000.

To be eligible to DoTx airdrop, it is necessary to:

  • Have more than 50,000 FORS in your wallet (users who staked more than 50k FORS in a pool are not eligible right now on the platform but will be eligible on 20th October)

To be eligible to FORS airdrop, it is necessary to:

  • Be part of the DoTx top 50 holders

Note: It is not because you are eligible today that you still tighten until D-Day. The top 50 holders is changing, the date of the snapshot is 19th October 8pm UTC.

Connect your wallet to the DoTx platform 💻

You can easily check if you are eligible for the 2 airdrops by connecting your wallet to our platform.

You can connect your wallet via:

  • Metamask chrome extension (desktop)

By clicking on connect wallet you will see this popup:

If you are on desktop and if you want to use Metamask, just click on Metamask and connect your wallet as usual.

On the other hand, if you want to use a mobile wallet, click on WalletConnect or Coinbase wallet. A QR code will appear on desktop.
Scan the QR with a compatible app. On mobile a popup with available wallets on your smartphone will appear as follow. Just connect one of them and go back to your browser.

Claim your DoTx airdrop 💸

On the 20th October, 7pm UTC a new button “Claim your DoTx airdrop” will be present (if you are eligible). Click on it and confirm the transaction.

As soon as the transaction has been confirmed, you will receive your DoTx in your wallet. If you don’t see them, be sure to add the DoTx contract address as a custom token (0xFAb5a05C933f1A2463E334E011992E897D56eF0a).

The entire DoTx team thank you, you early adopters for continuing to support us. We are impatient to start the beta testing phase!

Hoping to meet you during a battle. Stay tuned for the opening of the whitelist at the end of October ✌️.

Note: If you encounter a problem with the platform, contact us directly on Telegram. This one has not been tested on a large scale and may still contain bugs.

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Kind regards,
DoTx Team