First war configuration

  • Total duration : 7 days
  • Tickets purchase period : 4 first days
  • Switch house period : 4 first days
  • Ticket price : 1 ticket = 10 DoTx
  • DoTx to burn : 5% of the losing house
  • DoTx to send in the Throne Vault : 5% of the losing house
  • Fees to switch house : 1% of your purchased tickets (Additional cost)
  • Opening of the platform : 10th December 2020, 8pm UTC

Platform onboarding

Connect your wallet
Approve DoTx
Buy tickets for your favourite house
1000 DoTx bought = 10 DoTx to pay to switch house
Claim you tickets + reward
Wars list under the chart
Wars performance
This way, you can return to a past war to claim your reward if you forgot to do so.
Statistics of your past wars
Platform global stats
Current war leader board
Past 10 wars leader board

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