We are almost there ! Close to the Dapp release after 3 months of work and a lot of rigour towards the roadmap. The countdown is now almost finished, we will go through the 1st war edition to officialise DeFi Of Thrones as the 1st Market Prediction platform in the DeFi ecosystem.

First war configuration

  • Total duration : 7 days
  • Tickets purchase period : 4 first days
  • Switch house period : 4 first days
  • Ticket price : 1 ticket = 10 DoTx
  • DoTx to burn : 5% of the losing house
  • DoTx to send in the Throne Vault : 5% of the losing house
  • Fees to switch house : 1% of your purchased tickets (Additional cost)
  • Opening of the platform : 10th December 2020, 8pm UTC

Platform onboarding

There is no need to refresh the page. All functionalities on the Dapp will get a live refresh. Sometimes you will need to wait the classic time to get confirmed an action linked to the blockchain such as buying tickets.

Connect your wallet

The first step to join a war is obviously to connect your wallet. You can use the “Connect Wallet” button at the top right of the screen. Then, you can choose to connect via Metamask (Recommended), Wallet Connect (by scanning a QR code via a mobile wallet app or directly from your mobile browser) or Wallet Link (Coinbase Wallet).

Connect your wallet

Approve DoTx

If this is the first time you are connecting to the platform, you will need to approve DoTx in the smart contract. You will see an approval button appearing in “Your Tickets” section. This is an unique action to be done for each new wallet connected.
You just need to approve the transaction and wait for it to be processed.

Approve DoTx

Buy tickets

As soon as your wallet has approved DoTx, you will be able to buy tickets.
If you don’t have DoTx in your wallet you need to buy some to be able to buy tickets. (buy on Uniswap here: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xFAb5a05C933f1A2463E334E011992E897D56eF0a)

To buy tickets you just have to click on the buy tickets button, choose the house you want to pledge allegiance and enter the amount of tickets you want to buy.

Note : The time you see under the buy ticket button is the ticket purchase period but also the switch house period.

Buy tickets for your favourite house

Switch house

Once you bought your tickets, you can only buy new tickets for the house you pledged allegiance.
If you want to betray your house, you can switch by paying the betrayal fees. You just have to click on the switch house button, if the if time has not expired.

The fees correspond to 1% of your purchased tickets. The more tickets you own, the higher the fees will be. These fees are additional fees to pay and not deducted from your current tickets.

1000 DoTx bought = 10 DoTx to pay to switch house

How is my reward calculated?

We’ll take an example, here we bought 100 tickets for AAVE (1,000 DoTx), another user bought 20 tickets (200 DoTx) for the same house and a 3rd user bought 200 tickets (2,000 DoTx) for the opponent.

User A (us) : 100 tickets for AAVE
User B: 20 tickets for AAVE
User C: 200 tickets for SUSHI

This means User A (us) ,we own 83% of all tickets in our house.
So we have a potential reward equals to 83% of the tickets from the losing house (minus the amount of DoTx burnt and these sent to the Throne Vault).

The calculation is as follows:

2,000 DoTx (from SUSHI) - 100 DoTx burned (5%) - 100 DoTx sent to the Throne Vault(5%) = 1,800 DoTx

My potential reward = 1,800 DoTx * 83.33% = 1,499 DoTx

If my house wins I’ll get my tickets (1,000 DoTx) + my reward (1,499 Dotx) = 2,499 DoTx

How to claim your reward?

If your house wins you will be able to claim your reward via the “claim reward” button. In the other case, if your house loses, you lose your tickets (Later, we plan to give a partial reward the losers in a certain way, via airdrop, NFTs or via the Throne Vault).

If your house wins a “claim reward” button will appear at the end of the war.

Claim you tickets + reward

How to move from one war to another?

There are two possibilities for changing the war:
- The first is via the wars list under the chart.

Wars list under the chart

-The second way via your statistics.
Once you’ve participated in one war at least, your stats will be available.
You will have access to the performance of your wars in a dedicated zone.
The “vested column” contains your DoTx vested (purchased + reward).
If you didn’t claim them you can see it at a glance:
a war won = green circle + vested = 0.

Wars performance

By clicking on a war, you will open the detail, a “Go to war” button will be available there.

This way, you can return to a past war to claim your reward if you forgot to do so.

Statistics page

As soon as you have completed one war at least, you will have access to your statistics. These allow you to get an overview on your activities through all wars.

Statistics of your past wars

Also, you have access to the platform’s overall statistics, current DoTx burned and sent to the Throne Vault. Additional stats will be available in the future.

Platform global stats

Current war & 10 past wars leader board

2 types of ranking are available, a ranking for the current war and a ranking on the last 10 wars.

The leader board of the current war will be sorted by potential rewards (if the war is in progress) and by rewards (if the war is over). The losers (with reward = 0) will be sorted by tickets purchased.

Current war leader board

The global leader board (the last 10 wars) will always be sorted by reward (or by tickets purchased if reward equals 0).

Past 10 wars leader board

Miscellaneous & next features

Many other features have not been described in this article and need to be discovered by yourself, the chat, user profiles etc. But these are quite easy as the UX is smooth.

The Throne Vault, NFTs, technical analysis, a Telegram bot (which will provide a summary of current wars at any time) and other features are still to be developed and will arrive in the future. We will update the roadmap in accordance of priorities set by the community and the team.

We hope you will enjoy discovering this new Dapp and build this community with us. This is only the start, we are reaching the point to launch the product then, we need to promote it to become THE entertainment place in the DeFi cryptosphere!

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Kind regards,
DoTx Team