DeFi Of Thrones - Mainnet Release Date

DeFi Of Thrones
2 min readNov 27, 2020


3 months ago we started working on the concept idea (early august 2020) and today, in November, we are close to a milestone: the Mainnet release.

The roadmap is respected carefully, that is what drives the management of the daily actions throught the trello dashboard and that is why we also manage today to give you a date for the release.

Closing of the beta test platform and distribution of rewards to winners 💸

We are now closing the beta test platform, a full month testing all the features and collect the feedbacks from whitelisted beta testers was a nice experience.

4 wars had been running during this beta and here are the lucky winners who achieved to rank in the top 3 leaderboard as the best performing players.

1st Place 🏆

GemFinder with a 15,000 DoTx reward

2nd Place 🏅

Zombie with a 10,000 DoTx reward

3rd Place 🎖

Kkroz with a 5,000 DoTx reward

Congrats to them !

Mainnet Release date & Countdown 🔥 ⏳

The website is now closed and a countdown has been set !
Consider this as the official launching of the 1st war platform in the DeFi ecosystem, a disruptive Dapp that will soon become a place of EVENTS, EPIC WARS are coming !

Better a video than writings

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