Beta review

  • 113 testers joined the beta (and bet in at least one war)
  • 252 wallets connected to the platform
  • 2,258 visitors visited the platform (unique IPs — mainly from the US, France & the UK)
  • 9,172,030 test DoTx were bet throughout the four wars
  • 359,567 test DoTx were sent to the Early Pool (from losing houses)
  • 100,200 DoTx were staked in the Early Pool
  • 44,859 test LP tokens were staked in the Mana Pool
  • 246,249.5 test DoTx were burnt on Ethereum Goerli

How to connect to Polygon?

How to send your tokens to Polygon?

How to trade on Polygon?

Trade ETH/DoTx

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