DeFi Of Thrones — NFTs kickstart on OpenSea & NFTs airdrop

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of our NFTs on OpenSea (Ethereum Mainnet) this Friday, February 26th, 2021.
This will be followed by a ~$14,000 NFTs airdrop worth on Thursday, March 4th💸

Spotlight on NFTs

The DeFi of Thrones NFTs will take the form of collectible cards🎴.
Each card will represent a DeFi / Crypto project and will be forged in limited quantity depending on its rarity 💎.

Prices of NFTs directly created from the forge will also depend of the rarity.
This rarity will be set thanks to the marketcap at the forging time.

Here are the details of the number of prints and the selling prices by rarity:

  • Common: 200 prints, selling price 0.1 ETH

Each NFT will also have its own characteristics and a serial number (obviously the first NFT of a series will be extremely popular🔥).

Properties & Serial Number

Each rarity will also have an associated color and rune. Here is an example with Uniswap which is ranked as Epic card.

Random NFTs airdrop

On Thursday, March 4th, we will randomly select 4 DoTx followers on Twitter.
They will receive 4 Rare SUSHI NFTs (total potential value: 4 ETH ~ $7000).

How to participate?

Just follow our Twitter account and spread the word on Twitter including $DoTx (so we can find your Tweets). All Tweets posted from today, February 24th to Thursday, March 4th, are eligible 🚀

Best supporters NFTs airdrop

As we have announced several times on Telegram, 8 of our best active supporters will receive a NFT (they have been chosen based on their participation in the community). Each of them will receive a Duck DAO Uncommon NFT (total potential value: 4 ETH ~ $7000).

Here is the list of our 8 selected loyal supporters:

  • DoTxToTheMoon (@DoTxToTheMoon)


What’s next?

In the medium term, we plan to associate NFTs with additional functionalities on the platform. Having NFTs in your wallet could give you access to bonuses or others super powers🔥.

Others airdrops are planned on the basis of rules to be defined (participation in wars and other great events).

We hope you are as excited as we are about the DoTx NFTs. As we are very oriented towards our community and we know that we are nothing without YOU, we are planning many more rewards in the future!

Thank you for reading this article 🙏

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Kind regards,
DoTx Team


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