DeFi Of Thrones — Platform Opening on Polygon

Two weeks ago the Beta Platform trial was a huge success. Now, it’s time for the platform and DoTx to really start it’s journey on the Polygon Network 🚀.

Since the new refactored Platform is on the Polygon Network it will run with almost zero fees, allowing anyone to enter the game, even with a low wager. Gas fees aren’t a problem anymore!

Want to try out the New Platform?

Useful information

  • Each early tickets purchased in the first 1/4th of the game period (more than 500 DoTx) gives you an additional 30% MANA (Early Bonus) 🔥
  • Each transaction of more than 500 DoTx during the first 1/4th of the game period makes you eligible for the Early Pool. This pool is fills up during the long night (the next 25 days). At the end of the Long Night, your share will be fixed and you will be able to stake the required DoTx to unlock it💰
  • You can provide ETH/DoTx liquidity on Quickswap and stake the liquidity provider tokens received to mine MANA through the ManaPool 🎴
  • Once you have enough Mana points, you can trade them for NFTs.
    New NFTs will be added regularly, new use cases will also be implemented in the future. A new gamification concept of our NFTs will follow soon in a future article 🎴

We look forward to new members joining our community and platform and welcome everyone with open arms. This war is just the first of many! Stay tuned for the new NFT updates (and future implementations on the platform). We plan to add a new gamification of DoTx Nfts that allow you to earn $DoTx while owning a rare collectible🔥

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Kind regards,
DoTx Team