DeFi Of Thrones — Platform overview

Plateform Overview 👀

1. Menu 🍱

On the left side, you will find a sliding menu in which your connected wallet will be shown at the top left corner.

2. Chart 📈

A basic chart overview to follow the houses’ token/coin fluctuations.
We aim to provide a Japanese candlestick and a line chart. A little tab on the top left corner is available to switch between the one you prefer.

3. Countdown ⏳

Will represent the countdown before the end of the war. It is also from this count that rules such as:
- Time to join a war
- Time to switch from your selected house to the opponent (treason 🗡)

4. War details & houses characteristics 🏰

This section will summarize:
- The competitors
- The starting price and the price variation
- The remaining time to enter a war
- Your number of tickets bought (in $ and DoTx) and your potential share reward proportionally to your contribution to the house (your allegiance) for the current war

A social environment 📢

The platform integrates a social chat to let users enter into discussion with each other. For example in the screenshot below, Tend house’s chat where users from the same house can discuss together. We also aim to set up a public chat where users from both houses will be able to debate and/or shill (+fight).

Roadmap update 🎯

We decided to review the roadmap and to bring ahead the v0 platform release by 2 months, from Q1 2021 to November 2020, with a beta release based on a whitelist.



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