DeFi Of Thrones — Rubic vs DoYourTip

This new event is planned for the 4th of January

New year, new war ! We stick to our plans aiming to bring entertainment in the DeFi sphere. 2 new projects will compete each other:

RUBIC vs DoYourTip

Our platform will roleplay the battlefield:

Warning: this competition is on high risk, price manipulation can happen.

To which house are you going to pledge allegiance ?
Are you going to betray your house and join the opponent ?

Note : If you are new to the DeFi of Thrones ecosystem, you will find a guide to getting started here.

Houses overview


Rubic organizes defi services to enable a project to create, manage and trade tokens decentralized in one place. Their goal is to add multichain p2p trades to existing services and develop other products such as liquidity pools.


Market info (3rd of January 2021) :

Market cap : $593,960

24h volume : $16,125

Circulating supply / Max supply : 98,200,000 / 124,000,000


$DYT is a deflationary ERC20 token with a 2% burn rate. They combine the deflationary feature with off-chain tipping and Enjin collectibles. $DYT will be the main currency of TipplyTank game.


Market info (3rd of January 2021) :

Market cap : $778,942

24h volume : $19,833

Circulating supply / Max supply : 1,461,743 / 1,461,743

War configuration

These two projects are going to compete each other in term of market performance during 2 days. The war starts the 4th of January and will end the 6th of January.

Key configuration data:

  • Total duration : 2 days
  • Tickets purchase & switch house period : 4th to 6th of January
  • Ticket price : 1 ticket = 10 DoTx
  • DoTx to burn : 5% of the losing house
  • DoTx to send in the Throne Vault : 5% of the losing house
  • Fees to switch house : 1% of your purchased tickets (Additional cost)
  • Start of the war: 4th of January, 2pm UTC

Did you manage to chose the house you are going to support ?
Go and show your loyalty on telegram thanks to the DeFi Of Thrones sticker pack !

We hope to see both communities enjoying this brand new event in the DeFi sphere, a new kind of entertainment to join as player or attend as spectator !

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