DeFi Of Thrones — Wars schedule

Here we go !
The beta platform will open soon, it’s a matter of days.

As explained in the last medium article all members holding 10,000 DoTx are eligible to participate in the Beta Test period.
During the Beta Test, 2 rules:

1. Break the game and win money

The beta testers will be rewarded in accordance with the bugs found, more details will come in another article explaining the Bug Bounty Program


2. Be part of the top 3 players and win money

The users will also be rewarded if they are part of the top 3 winners !
Yes, if you bet on the right houses and reach the top rank, you get a DoTx reward as follow:

  • The first place will win 15,000 DoTx 🏆

Reminder: to get whitelisted you need to hold 10,000 DoTx and apply here:

Which project will fight each other ?

We proceeded with a first vote to select the project you want to see in war during the beta test:

Then we also asked for the combinations you want:

The results with nice illustrations

NB: We will use such illustrations to advertise a war on the mainnet.
This is a completly new and disruptive way to advertise a project and raise traction !

🦄 UNI vs SUSHI 🍣

🔱YFI vs AAVE 🌚

Beta wars schedule 📆

  • 9th to 13th // UNI vs SUSHI

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