DeFi Of Thrones — Zenfuse vs Orion Protocol

This new event is planned for the 27th of December.

Here we are ! The last war of December starts tomorrow at 8pm UTC time.
To close December we welcome the 2 last projects:


Event hosted here

To which house are you going to pledge allegiance ?
Are you going to betray your house and join the opponent ?

Note : If you are new to the DeFi of Thrones ecosystem, you will find a guide to getting started here.

Houses overview


Zenfuse is the all-in-one cryptocurrency trading platform. It allows you to trade on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges from one secure account on both desktop and mobile.


Market info (26th December 2020) :

Market cap : ?

24h volume : $607,760

Circulating supply / Max supply : ? / 200,000,000


Orion is a DeFi platform providing B2B + B2C solutions for liquidity. It aims to solve the the largest problems in DeFi by aggregating the liquidity of the entire crypto market into one decentralized platform — pulling from every major centralized exchange, decentralized exchange, and swapping pool.


Market info (26th December 2020) :

Market cap : $36,710,943

24h volume : $1,517,216

Circulating supply / Max supply : 16,560,000 / 100,000,000

War configuration

These two projects are going to compete each other in term of market performance during 4 days. The war starts the 27th of December and will end the 31th of December.

Key configuration data:

  • Total duration : 4 days
  • Tickets purchase & switch house period : 27th to 31st of December
  • Ticket price : 1 ticket = 10 DoTx
  • DoTx to burn : 5% of the losing house
  • DoTx to send in the Throne Vault : 5% of the losing house
  • Fees to switch house : 1% of your purchased tickets (Additional cost)
  • Start of the war: 27th December 2020, 8pm UTC

Did you manage to chose the house you are going to support ?
Go and show your loyalty on telegram thanks to the DeFi Of Thrones sticker pack !

We hope to see both communities enjoying this brand new event in the DeFi sphere, a new kind of entertainment to join as player or attend as spectator !

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