$DoTx Token launched on the Binance Smart Chain

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2 min readNov 1, 2021


$DoTx token on the BSC

The last weeks were quite different for us. We have new team members, we had major partnerships and upgrades in the works. You can read a recap of all the work behind the scenes in our next post.

One major step we decided to take, together with our lovely community is migrating the $DoTx token and the DeFi of Thrones platform into the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Main Migration Pros

  1. It will free the players from using the bridge. The swinging between the Ethereum chain and the Polygon chain made it difficult and exhausting. Now both trading and playing will both be on the same chain.
    The Contract address is still the same as on the Ethereum network.
  2. The BSC is winning in terms of the number of users and transactions. Binance Smart Chain currently has more than double of the transactions of Polygon and Ethereum chains together.
  3. Spending less money on fees is a big role when it’s coming on engagement levels. When each transaction costs a few pennies up to 1$ makes it faster and cheaper to interact with the platform. We can see it speeding up the number of players on the platform each war.

How do I move the funds into the Binance Smart Chain?

Our recent partnership with PolyNetwork allows each $DoTx holder to transfer tokens between the chain.
To interact with the bridge, you can follow the link:

Bridging Instructions:
1. Log in to your MetaMask extension, and make sure you’re in the main Etheruem chain (make sure all of your tokens are there if you have some tokens on the Polygon chain, bridge them to the ETH network).
2. Select DOTX in the dropdown menu.
3. Select from Etheruem Network to BSC Network and connect both sides using your MetaMask wallet extension.
4. Type the amount you want to bridge.
5. Click ‘next’.
6. You”ll be popped with pop-ups from MetaMask to confirm and pay the fees (It can pop two differnet pop-up to pay fees, depends if you already interacted with DoTx bridge before).
Please note: This fees are one-time fees only. All the next transactions will be on the Binance Smart Chain.

You can watch a short tutorial on how the process should look like:

You can view the token right on BSCScan.

The full platform will go live on the Binance Smart Chain in the next weeks of November. Stay Updated!



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