July Monthly Recap — What We’ve Done and What’s Coming

July was an interesting month indeed. We created a new blueprint for our next steps ahead as we are eager to develop and take DoT to the next level. You can view our new and detailed roadmap for 2021 right here.

What we did last month?

Hiring Yair Haimson as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Fresh energy was needed to boost further the development of DeFi of Thrones. Especially after times of lack of development and a declining market. Yair is experienced in the field of marketing, raising capital, and attract investors, and communication.

“DeFi of Thrones is the most undervalued crypto project I know and invested in. I’m happy to take part in the development. As people will realize the true potential of DoT, it can create a major supply shock for DoTx native token”
~ Yair Haimson, DeFi of Thrones CMO and VC investor.

Contacting with Yair, and the rest of the team is available on the DeFi of Thrones Telegram group.

Branding and Visibility

Being an eye-catching brand and professional is an essential aspect of any reliable brand & start-up. With the help of professional designers, we are happy with the results. Any announcement looks beautiful and clean. Now, you can easily identify DeFi of Thrones on social media platforms. Take a look at our Twitter!

Raising Awareness

Only a small fraction of people know about DeFi of Thrones. Our work is to spread the word and introduce the platform to more players worldwide. We started doing it by sharing on Forums and Social Media, which is cost-effective and cheap for our current budget.

DoTx Price Pump

As investors are now more confident in the DoT future, DoTx native token saw a +102% increase against the USD. (From the low 0.09$ to an impressive 0.181$ as of now). We see this trend continues.

DoTx Price Increase

Wars Volume Increase

The key indicator for the growth of the platform is the amount of DoTx deployed on the DeFi of Thrones Dapp. The current war saw a whopping 5,000+ DoTx — and the war is still running and more players jumping on board.

What we’re working on right now?

2D Animated Explainer Video

We hired a 2D animator that will design and create an impressive 2D animated explainer video that will attract new players. Right now, the script is being written and we schedule to release the finished version right on time of the updated roadmap.


We value our investors and players. For that reason, we’re working on adding more liquidity on QuickSwap pair (on Polygon Chain) and on Bitrue as well. Some funds already added to the pool, and more are coming. We do ask from the community to help us with that matter, and add some funds to the both QuickSwap and Bitrue.

Marketing Proposals

We looking for the best marketing opportunities for us. Deals are offered to us, and we’re looking for the best ones that are the most logical use of our budget. Taking the right ones will be in our mind when closing marketing deals in the near future. We do know, that as our marketcap grows, our marketing budget will grow significantly.

That’s all for now! Stay in touch!





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