Opening the gates: DeFi of Thrones Launch Date Revealed

That’s was quite a time from our last meeting, and we’re truly enthusiastic about the upcoming relaunch of DeFi of Thrones, including fresh updates and features. Now, an all-in-one network platform that combines all the goodies DeFi of Thrones has to offer!

DeFi of Thrones will host a new tournament & up and running platform on the 28th of December, 2021.

What’s Coming up with the Launch?

New Tournament, New Wars

We cooperated with special and new crypto-projects that will be featured in the wars. Revealing them will happen slowly in our social media platforms (make sure to follow closely our Twitter page and Telegram groups!).
As the tournament will start, those projects will feature their participation on their social platforms as well, so their users and fans will have the opportunity to bet on their project.

Decentralized Lottery

To increase the utility of $DoTx tokens, we decided to add another feature to the DeFi of Thrones platform, and it’s a Decentralized Lottery.

Users will be granted the option of buying tickets using their $DoTx tokens, and the winner will take the entire pot with some extra bonuses earned.

Minor Fixes, Buttons, and Stats

We always care about our User Interface and User Experience (UI & UX). We improved the design, added more sections, and hid new buttons. We got rid of the old bridge as it’s not necessary anymore.

What will be added later on?

Super Staking is on the Roadmap

We would love to incentivize long-term holders of $DoTx tokens. For that reason, we’re creating Super-Staking. It will allow staking $DoTx tokens for a sweet APR with random tokens from our partnered projects that participated in the war.

NFTs Use-Cases

NFT’s Holders — Beware! Your NFTs will be worth a lot more. Each NFT will represent a value in the game, that will increase your rewards when your house is on the battlefield. We will elaborate on this feature as it comes out.

Are you ready?! We’re are.

$DoTx tokens are already tradable on PancakeSwap:



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