The dApp Launched with a New Tournament

DeFi Of Thrones
2 min readDec 28, 2021


DeFi of Thrones got launched again on the BSC.


Wars are organized according to the tournament board, and featured on the platform⚔️. DoTx is used to bet on the project you think will perform the best. At the end of each war, the project with the best price-performance wins. Betting is possible only in the first day of each war, and the war will end in 2 days.

If you bet on the winning project you get your wager back and share 85% of the losing side’s bets. 5% of the loser’s bet is burned forever🔥, which makes the $DoTx token deflationary. 10% is sent to the Staking Pool (Coming soon).

Tournament Schedule

The First rounds will start as follows:
28th-29th December: MacaronSwap VS. Squirrel Finance
30th-1st January: AirNFTs VS. NFTmall
2nd-3rd January: Liquidus VS. ZenFuse
4th-5th January: Sandbox VS. PancakeSwap
6th-7th January: Vaiot VS. WhaleRoom
8th-9th January: DFSocialGaming VS. DuckDAO
10th-11th January: Dogecoin VS. Shiba
12th-13th January: SushiSwap VS. UniSwap

To view the tournament board, check:

What Coming Next?

Decentralized Lottery

We”ll launch a Decentralized Lottery Mechanism, that will distribute prizes for tickets bought with $DoTx tokens. We estimate to launch it in January, as the tournament runs.

Adding Liquidity to PancakeSwap

On 2nd January, we”ll migrate the liquidity from Uniswap and add it to PancakeSwap pools. It will increase the power and utility of the Binance Smart Chain.

Latoken to Support BSC Deposits and Withdrawals

We’re in contact with Latoken to allow traders to deposit and withdraw $DoTx token straight on the BSC chain. It should come in the coming future.

$DoTx Ambassadors Program

As announced on our social media pages, we launched an Ambassadors Program, which allows the community to reap rewards for helping to spread and to make DeFi of Thrones better. To read more, check: Twitter Post

Incentives and Surprises

To keep some things unexpected, we encourage you to follow our social media platforms to stay fully updated.