The Hero Update : Development Progress

Armors & Weapons

If you follow us on Twitter and/or Telegram, you probably saw that the character in underwear and the first armor set have been designed. We now have an artist working full time on the armor sets, weapons and shields.

The first medium armor set : The Peasant’s Set

Character Progression

As I wrote in the previous point, we already planned progression until level 100. We spent a lot of time balancing the level progression system. So like in most RPGs, your first levels will go fast, but as you progress, you’ll need more XP and time to go from one level to the next. We made sure to keep this entertaining as new levels often means new items you can equip your character with. And every battle is a guaranteed item loot.

The New Battle System

The new pages required for the first version of the update have already been made and posted on our Twitter/Telegram. Currently, we are still working on the smart contract for the battles and we will then need some more times to connect these new smart contracts to the front-end and test to make sure everything works fine.

What comes next ?

We would like to release the first version of the update in June, but it might bethe delayed a little bit (2~3 months) as we need to prepare for a new fund raise that is also supposed to be around June. To make a successful fund raise, we have to work on a new white paper, a new presentation website as well as a new roadmap. We’ll then need to organise the presale with the cheapest price, for our current community (if you have DoTx, keep them as we will have a surprise for you). And we’ll also go to various launch pads to get more investors. All the information about this will come a little bit later this month.



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