The Rise of Fallen opens its doors today

We’re delighted to start the new tournament on the DeFi of Thrones platform today. We believe that this one going to be the greatest of them all.
The first war should come out around 8 PM UTC timezone. To participate, be sure to be ready with DoTx tokens on the Polygon chain, and you’re good to go.

What houses & crypto projects will be featured?

Trick or Treat — What Goodies coming to this Tournament?

The look of the hoodies will be revealed soon! Stay in touch.

Social Rewards

The loyal followers on our Twitter and Telegram will benefit for sure.
We’re planning to give away prizes and NFTs for tasks for our DoTx army on the social platform.

Top Players

For our big gun, we saved our best. The top players will get extra prizes and rewards for adding liquidity and volume into the war. More about it will come out as the tournament starts its run.

We’re excited to start!