The Summer is Hot! — August Monthly Recap is Alive

The last month was full of both achievements and challenges. We decided to take some actions that may result in short-term struggles but will benefit the long-term health of DeFi of Thrones, and we believe it will soon fuel a major rise for all of us.

What We’ve Done and What we had to deal with?

The Launch of The Rise of Fallen Tournament

On 19/08/2021, We’re happy to release the knights into a brand new tournament. Currently, the last wars of the first stage are running. The Quarterfinals are scheduled to start on September 6, 2021. Time to stack up against your share in them!

Working with Social Influencers

At the time of writing these lines, we confirm cooperation with Ralvero, a Dj Producer & Crypto fanatic. We’re more than happy to have him on board for the DoT journey.
In the near future, more influencers going to hop in. We will discuss more in a later section of this recap.

Finding the right influencers isn’t an easy job. The scammers getting more and more Innovative. Bots are everywhere. Researching the right marketing strategies takes a lot of time and effort, and we’re considering one offer at a time.

Hiring a Blockchain Developer

After we noticed a lack of developers as a result of the massive workload from the developers’ side, we decided to expand the team and hire another developer. It will boost our development and will allow us to push more features more quickly. You can apply here.

Budget Usage for Long Term Growth

A struggle and a dilemma is the use of our marketing budget. As we have great tokenomics, we pay it for a lack of marketing funds. We need to carefully examine any marketing dollar to make the best use of it.
This month, we took steps that required spending some of the budgets. Including:
Paying 2D animator (Coming soon!), mascots designer, marketing ads, and merchandise production. As we have a tiny marketcap for now (it is an incredible opportunity for early investors and gem hunters), it can cause a small up to medium sell pressure in the short term. But in the long-term view, looks like we’re good to go!

2D Explainer Animated Video

As we’re welcoming more players joining the play-to-earn platform, we know that educating and introducing the newcomers is an important role in the success of the platform. The 2D explainer video is ready, and we asked for a few revisions so it will be perfect. Stay tuned for the big reveal! It will be used in advertisements as well.

WhaleRoom Partnership

We value our most loyal members. We integrated with WhaleRoom to allow chatting with the biggest holders of the DoTx tokens. We will continue adding votes that will determine the future of the DoT app.
The first voting was about the liquidity unlock at the end of August. The results will be discussed below.

What do we Plan for the Future?

Splitting the Liquidity with Quickswap

After a successful community vote on WhaleRoom, we will split the liquidity between Uniswap and Quickswap and will lock it there. It will also allow cheap and fast trading on the Polygon chain. It will ease the process of betting on your favorite house.

Launching Merchandise Campaigns

We already started manufacturing exclusive hoodies. We will distribute a Free Hoodie for anyone with more than 35,000 DoTx in total volume in the ongoing tournament. We will share more images of them on our Twitter.

Stretch your seatbelts, we’re setting up to move forward!



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