The Updated Roadmap for 2021 — DeFi of Thrones — A Dream Comes True.

The journey for DeFi of Thrones is still going at full force. Now, with the help of more members of our team, we’re going to continue to develop and market DoT at both bull and bear markets. We’re enthusiastic about the project, and we make efforts on achieving more goals with DeFi of Thrones.
These are the goals we’re planning to implement in the future:


To be identified on the web, any firm or influencer need to be branded. We”ll work to design our announcements and updates theme on our Twitter & Facebook pages, and our Telegram Group. This move will make us look cleaner and more professional.

DoTx Use-Cases Theme Page.

We want to make sure that everyone knows the power of our native $DoTx token. Adding a full-detailed page about all $DoTx features and uses can educate on why it is worth holding it and using it in the platform.

Adding Liquidity on Exchanges.

To make the DoTx token more liquid and tradable, we will add liquidity to the exchanges $DoTx is trading in. We will start with adding liquidity in our main CEX — Bitrue, as it lacking volume and liquidity.

Statistics & Charts Improvements.

Being transparent is a huge factor for us. We will improve our charting and will be adding statistics to the platform so each action can be taken wisely and responsibly.

Platform Automation Improvement.

To date, our platform is not full-automated. It requires some manual jobs in starting wars and some more. We will develop a smarter way of doing it so it will be automated and easier to manage in the long run.


We will implement a lottery gaming ecosystem where users will be able to buy tickets with their DoTx tokens and, once in a day, one lucky winner will be selected and will bag the entire jackpot. Secure, perpetual, and 100% transparent!

Tiers and Ranks system.

We have always loved the idea of a leaderboard, that is why we implemented that feature for wars and tournaments but now we want to go beyond limits! Tiers and Rank system will allow us to identify better users participating in battles making a distinction between those ones who participate more, bet more, and even earn more so we can grant badges, give access to premium features and even reward more for their efforts.

Referrals Program.

A key to success! This is one of the most awaited features. We want to implement a fair, transparent and rewarding system where all people earn according to the amount of referrals they have. We will encourage rewards not only to refer but for participation as well. Inactive users do not bring positive vibes to the platform so, referrals actively participating will earn better their “slice of the cake” as well as the referrer.

2D Animated Explainer Videos.

We will launch a series of 2D explainer videos which will help users to onboard better into the platform and learn to interact the right way with our product. We also aim to turn those videos into a key tool to connect better with potential customers by explaining what our business can do for them.

Website Tweaks and Fixes.

Always evolving, we will take our time to fix minor bugs and to create new and amazing graphics for community eyes. We will ensure our website and app run smoothly in any kind of device people can use around the world.


NFTs can be earned on the platform using Mana. They are cool and catchy, and also can be traded. But to spice things up, we will add more use-cases of those NFTs to the platform, which will make collecting them more interesting.

Auto-betting Feature.

We’re planning to launch an “Auto-Bet” feature, which will let players place a bet on wars ahead upon a set of rules (Like betting always on the highest / lower marketcap project, the better-performing assets in the past, etc.). It will create a constant inflow of betting volume to the wars.

Website Tweaks and Fixes.

There is always a thing to make better! We will fix minor bugs and design some parts of the site for a seamless experience.